Label Shrink Tunnel

Label Shrink Tunnel

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Lable Shrink Tunnel

Label shrink tunnel comes with various models such as SPS 1540 and SPS 1230, which accepts hot air flow for shrinking, is primarily utilized for contracting labels of jars, cups, bottles and many other such products, regardless of the name that is on the bottom, cap or body of the bottle.


  • Embrace high energy blowing engine as well as turbine for air blustering that won't make label to become deformed or change position
  • Easy changeover for various types of containers.
  • The heater is constructed of untainted steel that has long utilize life.
  • Shrink temperature may be directed by the prerequisites of packing voluntarily, approximately 300℃.
  • Accept seamless passing on speed control directed by electronic speed senator.
  • The top parts of container is heated, so the nature of item inside the jug won't be influenced because of high temperature.
  • Passage can be heated incompletely as indicated by some unique demand of the items so as to save the power.
  • Our machine can be worked solely or linked with manufacturing line.
  • In tunnel, two elevated power blowing engines to guarantee enough flowing air.
  • If important, rotational instrument can be included as well as the blowing air for the burrow can be fortified incompletely.
  • It is outfitted with the ground truckles and jolts, so our machine can be fixed and moved freely.
  • Height of the tunnel is flexible to be linked with various manufacturing lines
  • Tunnel rack can be removed or fixed from tunnel on line of manufacturing


Our Label shrink tunnel is broadly used in businesses such as beverage, cosmetics, pesticide, foodstuff and pharmacy for bottles with labels such as plastic bottle, glass bottle, paper cup and many more.


Model SPS 1230
Voltage (V/Hz) 3 Phase 380/50
Power (KW) 10
Max. Packing Size (LXH)(mm) 120X300
Packing Speed (pcs/hours) 8000~12000
Tunnel Size (LXWXH)(mm) 1500X120X300
External Dimensions (LXWXH)(mm) 1800X600X1665
Net Weight (kg) 250


Technical Specification :


SPS 1230

SPS 1540

Voltage (V/Hz)

3 phase 380 /50

3 phase 380 /50

Power ( KW)



Max. packing size ( l xh) (mm)

120 x 300

150 x 400

Packing speed (pcs /hour)

8000 ~ 12000

8000 ~ 12000

Tunnel size ( l x w x h)(mm)

1500 x120 x 300

1600 x 150 x 400

External dimensions (l x w xh ) ( mm)

1800 x 600 x 1665

1900 x 600 x 1665

Net Weight ( Kg)