Ribbon Printer

Ribbon Printer

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We are manufacturer and supplier of Ribbon-Printer. The batch coders are a compact on line automatic ink coder, which are designed to print details like price, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date etc. Moreover, the batch coders are suitably modified to include personalized details, certain types of cases and other specifications. The easily removable ink system is totally enclosed to ensure minimum ink evaporation and dust contamination. Speed of coder is synchronized by the parent machine motion

Technical Details:

Model SPBC 210 (Ribbon Printer)
Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50
Power(W) 180
Ink roller size(mm) 35 x 32
Printing Speed(pcs/min) 0-100
Object size(mm) L:50-500W:30~190
Type number One Line 2x4 Max
15 characters Two Line
2x4 Max 30 characters Three
Line 2x4 Max 45 characters
Printing Type Colour Ribbon Printing
Type size (mm) 2 x 1.5(8PT) 2.5 x 2(9PT)
Dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 255 x 225 x 325
Net weight(kg) 9.5